Not just your horoscope, Brides are checking your CIBIL score too for marriage

Nowadays families are now also concerned about the CIBIL score of a prospective groom, apart from taking stock of family, personality, compatibility and pay packages,

Are you a bachelor living in Delhi, Mumbai or any other metro city and planning to get married anytime soon? You might be earning well and even consider yourself an eligible bachelor, but are paying your credit card bills and EMI payments on time? This affects your CIBIL score, and may also have an impact on your marriage prospects.

Apart from taking stock of family, personality, compatibility and pay packages, families are now also concerned about the CIBIL score of a prospective groom before getting their daughters married. Detectives are also being hired to get confirmed information about the CIBIL score.

Cibil shows how much loans you have taken in past.How many loans are still going on. How many emi’s are you missing. In short, It shows your financial knowledge and how well you handle money, whether the loans you have taken will you be able to pay according to your earnings, are you capable of paying your credit card outstanding. or you are just showing off on debts for marriage.


Can the bride be financially dependent on you or are you depending on her income to clear your debts.

And as per the trend, it is no less important than matching of horoscope, which is a custom in Indian marriages. According to experts, CIBIL score of a person shows the liability on him and also tells if he is capable enough to repay a loan.

How to get CIBIL score:

If you approach a bank for the purpose, you will only get to know about the transactions concerning that bank. You can know your CIBIL score by going on the website or you can visit and follow free cibil link A charge ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1200 is to be paid for ascertaining of CIBIL score. There are few more agencies who also give the CIBIL score of a person. While Aadhaar is not mandatory for the purpose, a PAN card is a must. If you are looking for loan for cibil defaulter then you have to follow this link

Easy steps to make your CIBIL score good:

  1. Dispute Errors: Check your errors on Every financial institution is alloted a time span of 30 days to handle any disputes. So be on alert and check your errors. Once all disputes are cleared, your credit card rate will improve.
  2. Payment of EMIs on time: When you are purchasing any commodity by using a credit card make sure that you are paying your bills and EMIs on time.
  3. Eliminate balances: To add plus points to your credit score ensure that you eliminate your credit card balances. Any unpaid due on loans should be cleared off in time.
  4. Maintaining records of old credit cards: A healthy and clean record of your credit card balances can be a great boon. Any dues on loans and debts may act as a loss for you so ensure that you keep all the records of old credit cards and also pay bills before the expiry of your billing date.
  5. Look for a secured card: Are you going through a poor CIBIL score? No need to worry. A secured card issued by several banks can come at your mercy. Banks such as DCB Bank, ICICI Bank, CITI Bank offer secured card against a fixed nominal amount.


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